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213 item. Subscribe to Newsletter. Personalised. Education Week Education Week is the premiere source for news and analysis for every aspect of K-12 education, including policy, technology, research, teacher preparation, and more. EdWeek is the trusted, must-read source for the nation’s most knowledgeable leaders, practitioners, and thinkers informing the best practices, news, and events that matter most to them and to the profession. ‘The Nesting of Empires’ Looking back at the 19th and 20th centuries, historians have traditionally conceived of 19th-century North America as a period of emergence for American, British, and French imperial ambitions. The long-ruling British Empire as well as the French Empire were dismantled during this period, while the U.S. emerged as a formidable world power. The period was also marked by repeated conflicts between these rival empires and their respective states. The effects of this rivalry reverberated into the 20th century, as both empires and the United States sought to capture their portion of the world from one another. In this year’s theme, Education Week explores the meaning of “empire” in the context of education. The Limits of Power As societies evolve, social, political, and economic institutions and structures tend to shift. By the same token, institutions and structures also have a tendency to expand. Large, centralized empires often arose as societies changed from their hunter-gatherer roots to more settled, agricultural ways of life. A few have remained powerful empires for centuries. The Romans, the British, the Spanish, the Dutch, and, most recently, the United States have all created their own empires in various ways. As a new global economy emerged after the Industrial Revolution, empires again flourished in Europe and North America. The United States, with its unique economic and political institutions, is still a force in world affairs. In terms of education, we see that various empires have spread their influence to the corners of the globe. International institutions, such as the United Nations, have a crucial role to play in promoting peace and advancing the welfare of humankind. The Internet, used by governments to regulate their populations, also gives non-state actors the ability to spread and expand their influence around the globe. In this year’s theme, we explore the meaning of the word “empire” in the context of education. The Wildest Experiment In the United States




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